Why "Back, Body & Soulworks"?

Because for me, chiropractic care represents more than just making adjustments to the spine. I try to help my patients achieve optimum good health through a combination of diet, nutritional supplements, exercise, and meditation practices, in combination with spinal manipulation and realignment.

I've been serving the Santa Fe, New Mexico community for over 18 years, and this web site is an extension of my commitment to provide that community with the best in chiropractic care as well as holistic health information and resources.

"(It is important) to educate the public on the general health benefits of chiropractic care, which include so much more than simply the expert hands-on care that DCs are so well known for... Doctors of Chiropractic focus on:

  • changing patients habits,postural, physical activity, nutritional, etc.
  • promote health and wellness, short-term and long-term.

Patients are tired of quick fixes that don't produce lasting weight loss and better health; and they are always delighted to discover how doctors of chiropractic promote total health and wellness over a lifetime."

- Rick McMichael, American Chiropractic Association President - from a statement he made in observance of National Chiropractic Health Month.

Doctor Seth's office hours are by appointment. Back, Body & Soulworks is located at:
406 Linda Vista Road, (close to the intersection of St. Francis Drive and W. Cordova Road)
Santa Fe, NY
Phone 505-982-1135